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Name of organisation: Linea Rosa ONLUS Legal entity: no profit association Address: Via Mazzini, 57/A – 48121 Ravenna  - Tel e Fax 0544 216316                               e-mail: Date of creation: 2 December 1991 Staff, members and volunteers: 8 employees and  33 volunteers Aim of the organisation: help und support  women  who live difficult situation due to psicological, fisical, sexual and economical violence and to promote gender equality. From 1991 Linea Rosa has welcomed  over 4.500 women and has given hospitality to over 100 women and 100 children. Linea Rosa is involved in political action aiming to improve the exiting law and  offering women equal opportunities  and rights. Range of action: local (3 different offices in Ravenna’s province)  but also national as a member and co founder of the National (Women’s Network against violence), founded  in 2008,  and first Italian Association coordinating 54 independent women centres and shelters against violence. is aiming to constitute the first National Coalition to develop and promote the different local experiences of the italian  anti violence centres and to become a national institution involved in discussing gender violence at both  national and international level and to elaborate and modify the existing Women’s Rights laws. members of  the European Network Women Against Violence Europe (WAVE).                     Linea Rosa’s Chairman Mrs Alessandra Bagnara had been Chairman of for the first 3 years after foundation. Main source of financing: Ravenna City Council Patronage: Ravenna City Council,  Ravenna Province, Cabinet of Ministries’  Presidency Agreement: Bologna University for apprenticeship to psychology students Cooperation: Linea Rosa works in close cooperation and in network with local social services, Department of Equal Opportunities of Ravenna’s City Council, Police force, Tribunal, regional anti-violence centres, (Women’s Network against violence), Provincial education authorities and  groups of self and mutual help.                           Cooperations with local entrepreneurs’ association organising courses for women who wish to get self employed. Cooperation with several sport organisation and teams who support our initiatives and promote gender equal opportunities.                                                    Cooperation with the local Art Museum for art events for fund raising.                          International Cooperation with the city of Trollhattan with several exchanges and with A.L.E.G., rumenian anti violence centre who visited Linea Rosa  last year.  Services for abused women:                                                                                                Specialised counselling service (free of charge) is given to victims of violence (domestic violence and sexual aggression) and psycological and legal support in situations of crisis but also individualised long-term meetings to help women taking back control of their own lives and self esteem. In the 3 houses  run by the organisation in Ravenna is given shelter to the women and their children who have to live their home  because of severe domestic violence situations. In addition the Association offers:                                                                                   Job Counter offering advice  to jobless women victim of violence,libraries in 2 different offices open to public consultation with a wide range of texts about gender differences and violence against women, babysitting organised  to help the women at LInea Rosa  houses, possibility for these women to get a driving licences with the help of the Association. Permanent education programs:                                                                             educational gender sessions and prevention in local schools (from nursery school to  high school), sport trainers education, new volunteers training. Linea Rosa is training since years Police forces from 3 different Italian Regions (Emilia Romagna, Toscany and Liguria) to provide an appropriate welcome  to abused women.  Hospital and First Aid medical staff of Region Emilia Romagna is trained by the Association to welcome abused  women with the help of a multimedia support. “Little efforts can get big  changes” it’s the name of the film produced from an idea of Linea Rosa under the patronage of Cabinet of Ministries’  Presidency. Information and awareness programms: Informational and educational activities aimed at preventing violence and addressed especially to young people, public awarenss campaigns and media activity, concerences and meetings, books and film presentations, art events and self defence courses, all aiming to awake public opinion  to the problem of domestic violence.
                       Congresses and Conferences  1996             1°Italian National Congress  “You can get out of violence” with the                     partecipation participation Ravenna  of 500 women from all over Italy representing 20  centres. 2000            International Congress  “Women’s right” with the participation of delegates Ravenna        representing 20 anti violence centres from Italy, Europe and extra European                         Countries. 2003            2°National Congress of anti violence centres “Women produce knowledge,                             health Ravenna  and changes” 2011            Participation to Pio Manzù International Conference in Rimini   “ A 21st century Rimini           for women – Gender responses to the future of the mainkind” Prevention and information – Association milestones
From 1995    Information and prevention projects regarding violence against women are taking place in every school  order, from primary to High School 2001            Creation and production of a CD  “ La casa sul filo” aiming to  support  teachers and parents and inform them about gender differences and  gender violence prevention From 2005    Job counter for women victims of violence financed by the Region Emilia                           Romagna  through  EU From  2006   Linea Rosa is one if the leading centre for 1522 help line, active 24 hrs a                                 day in several languages. This help line is meant  for women in danger and                               has been activated by the Italian Ministry of Equal Opportunities 2007            Course for sport trainers “Sport as educating path to non violence 2007-2008    Training for  social services workers, police and anti violence  centre for                            Parma Province 2008            Series of conferences “Hungry of love –  relation between eating   habits        disorders  and affectivity” 2009            International Seminar “Beyond the veil  - understanding the value of islamic veil    in order to understand differences and fight discrimitations” 2010            Training course for teachers “ Relations between adults and kids – gender                      stereotypes and differences” 2010             Training medical staff  regarding the project” Violence on women on social and                 working areas” Awards 2011                      Award Marco Biagi for the job counter project aiming to help  abused  women